yoe's Productions.
Filename Descreption Date
intros.zip Several BBS intros by yoe, Created by reservation from the BBSes' systemoperators.(144K) ?/95
climax.zip Climax, the demo, 5th at Mov95, The first ever demo made by yoe.(227K)12/95
plug_ins.zip Plug_ins, the new members intro, created to announce the world aboutthe joining of Shudder and Exponent.(129K)6/96
nil.zipnIL, first place at Summit'96 demo compo!!, created with the group Extra Violent in about 2 weeks.(1.8M)8/96
Turbo Snails, the game. Trick the other player to crash into your trails and mines. Most of the game was created in two days by Scroll Lock and Shudder.(557K) 12/96
excuse.zip Excuse, 4th at Mov95 demo compo. Made in about 3 days and was originally meant to be an excuse intro for not making a demo :) (630K) 12/96
Jook, 2nd at RTL97 demo compo. A 3D based demo that show's the nature combined with computers - supports VBE2 (4.4M) 8/97
Maybe, 2nd at MOV97 demo compo. A 3D based demo that show's a fight between a wizard and a big baboon - supports VBE2 (2.1M) 12/97
benzine.zip Benzine, 2nd at MOV98 demo compo. a work of ART (lots of pics and words). Code by YOE, music and GFX by Dark Spirit - supports VBE2 (5.3M) 12/98
jinkaku.zip Jinkaku, 1st at MOV98 demo compo. A realy cool demo with amazing 3D. Code by Kombat of Immortals, GFX and Music by YOE - supports VBE2 (3.3M) 12/98
*get VBE2( SciTech DisplayDoctor ).

Shudder's productions.
(The songs are sorted from the newest to the oldest)
s_autumn.zip Autumn Drifting. A bit different tune... (580k)
s_groove.zip Get Into Tha Groove! - 1st place at Movement98' 4-channel music compo! (140k)
s_myth98.zip Music from the Invtitation intro for Myth98. The party was canceled but I still like the music (550k)
s_kust.zip Kustendil. 7/8 Ethnic stuff (620k)
s_nature.zip Music from the demo "Jook". New age something (520k)
s_shore.zip Mediterranean Seashore. 2nd place in Movement97' multy-channel music compo (360k)
s_addit.zip Additional. Rock. (170k)
s_snails.zip Music from the game "Turbo Snails". Supposed to be cheezy (150k)
s_giggle.zip Giggle of the Fairies. Mellow/New age/Fantasy (200k)
If you want to listen to any of these tunes you'll need Impulse Tracker 2.14 (722k)

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